Visitors' Book

Danny Westhead (Wezzy), 15 years old, Liverpool

"Thanks Del for a great time at the Snooker Farm. I learnt so much and it put a lot of positive thoughts into my game whilst cutting out the negatives. This was so good because it helped me become more and more consistent with my game. Before visiting the farm, I had lost motivation but quickly regained it with practice routines and we also sorted technical problems.

Besides the snooker the Hill family made me and my mate feel very welcome. The other things like fishing and ping pong with Tom Hill was a good laugh. Can't wait to come back.

Thanks Del and Family."

John Dawson (Johnny Boy), 15 years old, Liverpool

"Thanks Del and Max for allowing me to experience the full potential of my game and life at the Snooker Farm.

I'd like to thank Del for introducing me to the Del Drive. It has really helped me improve my game to the standard that I wanted to achieve and helped me focus on what needed to be done.

I can't wait to see you all in the future. Best of luck with the coaching and the farm.

Love you all loads (even the Tool), John xxx

Nigel Bond, Snooker Professional

"Have been coming to the Snooker Farm now for the past 10 years in which time you have I not only taught me so much about the mechanics and technique of the cue actions but also you are one of my closest friends.

Having dropped out of the top 32 you have helped me re-discover my true ability, and in that way have prolonged my career at the top of the game and brought about my return to the top 32 a few years back.

Lots of love, Nigel. xxx"

Alex Taubman, 18, North Wales

"My first time at the far summed up would be... CLASS! The set up here is fantastic and everybody is so friendly. Tom and the boys are class - you really love it don't ya Tom?

As for Del, he's the best coach and nicest geezer you could ever wish to meet.

Thanks to everybody for making my time here fantastic, I will see you again soon.

Lots of love, Alex. xxxx"

Anthony Kryso, 23 years old, Welsh International and Coach

"This place is awesome! I must have said that word about 50 times since I've been here, and I've only stayed a day and a half.

For me personally this is not just a farm it's a snooker retreat. A place you come to find the truth in yourself. I didn't know who I was when I came here - my technique, my delivery, my focus. Now I feel I do and trust me, it has to be a feeling, and not an intellectual understanding. Is that enlightenment?

When I'm here I make realisations and discover insights - thatís my buzz! Next time I'll stay for longer.

Del you're one of those rare people in life that actually truly, genuinely, cares about people. You just want everyone to break though their preconceived limitations and open up their minds to fulfil their potentials.

You've done that for me. Thank you, I'm honoured to meet you. Thanks for all your hospitality and a very enjoyable and meaningful two days.

Anthony Kryso

PS: Tommy I'll be up soon and we'll hit Skeg and christen Jacuzzi proper! "

Igor Khatin (Russian international) and Anna Katkova (St Petersburg, Russia).

We are much obliged to you for according us a warm reception and the invaluable help in snooker practice. We hope that with snooker development in Russia we will see each other often.

We wish to tell separate thanks to:


Tom..., for perfectly spent time.

Dell...for everything.

When you aren't good in another's language, the only thing you can be guided by is one's heart not one's head. You should look in the soul and when we are looking at you we see unbelievably good hearted people.

We'll be really happy to see all of you in St. Petersburg.

Always your friends,

Igor and Anna.

Billy Castle. England international (Southampton)

Thanks for a nice time at the Snooker Farm Del, and most of all for sorting out my cue action. I loved all the exercises you gave and I would love to come to see you again, hopefully in the summer.

Derek Castle (Southampton)

Thanks Del, for a lovely time and hospitality at the Snooker Farm. You taught my son Billy so much and now he looks a performs like a different player. We will definitely be back in the summer and will be trying the fishing. Thanks again Del, can't wait to come back.

Garry Gillard and Jenny (New Zealand)

Del, Maxine and family, thank you for allowing us to share the magic of the Snooker Farm. It is everything I thought it would be...and more!

The hospitality and kindness of you and your family is legendary.

Del, you have given me some valuable instructions and ideas on how to improve my game I shall go and apply them and hope to make you proud.

Kindest wishes and thanks,

Garry and Jenn.

Felicia Carpo (Hong Kong)

Thanks Del, Max and Tom for the hospitality and for providing me with such good 5-star accommodation

at the Snooker Farm.

Thanks especially for introducing me to the 'Del Drive'. Although I felt frustrated for the first two days with the new stance, cueing and driving and thought I could not cope the support and patience Del showed got me through. I am now beginning to feel the power and improvement in my cue action I will certainly practice the Del Drive and the many training formats he showed me.

I am really happy to have visited the Snooker Farm despite the many, many hours of flights and travel to get there and will certainly be coming back in the future.

All the best, I greatly appreciate everything. I enjoyed my stay and the warm company of the family and friends. See you soon.

My best regards,


Linda Lucas (5 times Australian Women's Champion) and family (Australia)

Many, many thanks to Del, Max, Jack, Sam and Tom, firstly for your warm hospitality, beautiful accommodation and hearty meals which were yummy too. So wonderful to be made so welcome. Thanks you to your family from our family. You are more than welcome in our home at any time.

As for the coaching from Del, well in a word - revolutionary! I wish I had seen this 30 years ago! Never mind, it's now that matters and I am grateful to have finally discovered through Del the way to really play this wonderful game. Brilliant mate!

Your Aussie mates and friends,

Linda Lucas, Peter Mac and Ellen Lucas.

Ross Higgins (u-16 Scottish international),

My first time at the Snooker Farm was one of the best experiences of my life. I met great people and was taught such a lot that I feel my game has improved already.

I will definitely tell everyone about the Farm and recommend it to anyone who want to improve their snooker.

Thanks Del, Max and family for making me feel so welcome.

Pat Higgins

Del and Max, thanks for everything. It was a pleasure staying at your home what a great family you are.

You are a gem BigGuy. We will be back in the summer.

Aston Lloyd, 16 years old, Birmingham.

Thank you Delvis for making me into a 'Driver'!

I loved the experience at the Snooker Farm so much - it's an amazing place. I will definitely be back soon. Thank Max for me -she is a great cook - and the lads were a good laugh too.

Thanks for everything. You're a legend!

Jim and James Young, West Midlands (via Scotland).

Del, Max and family, Thanks for a lovely time at the Snooker Farm. Your hospitality and kindness was superb.What a lovely place you have.

James enjoyed the coaching and now feels he is cueing the ball much better. His confidence has grown

so much, even though we were only a the farm for a short stay.

Thanks Del. Next time we will stay for longer and bring the family with us for a nice break. Best wishes to Del, Max and the boys.

Daniel Dempsey (Irish u-16 international) and mum Helen, Dublin.

Del, Maxine and family. Thank you for making my experience such a great one, not only on the snooker table but off it as well. Thanks for the great hospitality show to us in your lovely home.

Thanks also for giving me the Del Drive - I definitely a driver from now on! The routines were great and so were the frames with Tom. After experiencing the Snooker Farm for the first time we learned so much and it has got me enjoying the practising again - and I'm confident again.

Now I'm cueing properly and when I get back to Ireland your help will give me the motivation to win competitions again.

I know now why everyone says 'Go to Del if you want to get to the next level'. How can I ever thank you enough!

Thank you so much. See you soon,

Dan and Helen.

Adrian Gunnel, professional player, and Amanda Gavin (Telford).

As a player who has always strived to battle through bad patches alone, without seeking assistance from anyone else, it was only my faith in Del's abilities which finally made me seek help.

Del is not only the best coach around, his motivational skills and knowledge of the psychology of snooker is second to none.

This is only the second time I have been to the Snooker Farm and on both occasions my confidence has been at an all-time low yet I have left with nothing but positives and renewed enthusiasm for the game.

Had it not been for Del, I would have quit the game in 2004 and I will always be grateful to him for rescuing my career.

I consider Del to be the best in the business and I'm happy to be able to call him a close friend.


Del, I would like to thank you for restoring the confidence in Ade which I know will get him into the top 32.

This is the second time I have met you and I can see how much you genuinely like players and want to see them thrive and achieve. It is a wonderful trait, but one I know some people will take advantage of. Don't let them!

Your idea of a 'Snooker Retreat' is absolutely brilliant and I'm positive it will succeed - so keep enjoying your building and good luck with it all. It really will be a Five-Star Snooker Farm.

You're a really great person and I know now why Ade values your opinion and work s much. From now on he will have to have a regular MOT at the farm - and I'll make sure he remains a 'driver'.

Good luck with everything and thank you so much for your help.


Michael Polley (u-16 Scottish international) and Stephen Polley (Falkirk).

This was my first experience at the Snooker Farm and if I hadn't made the visit my game would have been 30 percent worse. In my short stay I learned more than I ever thought possible and I can't say how grateful I am. I would also like to thanks Del and Max for their hospitality and for making me feel so much at home. Also well done Tom for so nearly having a maximum.

My experience here has helped my game and confidence no end and I can't thank Del enough for that.


The Snooker Farm is a great experience - from the top class coaching to the generosity and hospitality shown to us by Del, Maxine and bhoys.

When we get home we will let the Scottish lads know abaout the farm and encourage them to enjoy this world class experience for themselves.

Thanks for all your help - see you soon.

Steve Polley

Stuart Watson (Birmingham)

It was a really good experience at the Snooker Farm. Del was great and the way he puts things across helps make it so much easier.

I didn't think I would learn so much and I know that my game will improve if I take on board everything I was shown.

Thanks for your help Del,


John Monckton (Surrey)

Well, where do I start? It was more than worth the three-and-a-half hour drive to come up and see Del and


The advice on technique was spot on and understood. It makes complete sense! I love the drills too - really going to get me thinking and cueing well - I can't wait to go and practice them!

The actual Snooker Farm is fantastic and I enjoyed looking round and hearing of Del's plans for it. When they are completed it will be one hell of a place to come and visit.

Top marks go to the hospitality as well, which really made the stay even more enjoyable. So it's a big thanks to Del, Maxine and Tom.

Keep working on the ping pong Del - I'll expect a tougher test the next time I visit.

All the best for the future.


Jamie Clark (Welsh internatoinal) and Phil Williams (Llanneli)

Thanks, Del, for everything.

The way you have coached me has really improved my game so much.

Also thanks to Max and Tom. See you all soon.


Thanks Del and family for the wonderful time Jamie and I have had at the farm. The welcome we received was first class.

But mostly I would like tot hank you for the way you have coached Jamie. I've never seen him feel so confident about his game and the way he is now playing.

You're a top coach and a top man! Will definitely be coming to see you again.


Michael Kraus (1.Berlin Snooker Club)

Thanks for a really, really nice time at this wonderful, peaceful place.

Thanks also for the coaching of the highest quality and for the warom welcome into your family.

I will tell everyone in my club about you, the family and the farm. I would like to come back at some time and will also encourage other players from Berlin to visit.


Jaiqie Ip, Alan Lin and Terence Chan (Hong Kong)

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Del for teaching us for the past seven days. We really appreciate the time and effort you spent on us. We had such a good time with a x, Tommy, Lola and the rest of the family.

We will keep practising the 'Del Drive' when wee return to Hong Kong and hopefully will soon accomplish some goals. Take care and we will meet you again soon.

Ps: Cantonese translation: Up (sern); Down (lot). Good morning (Joe sun).

with lots of love,

Terence, Jaique, Alan.

Eitan Tamir (Finland) and Avi Tamair (Israel)

Thanks Del, for the best coaching ever. We learned so much over the past three days.

Thanks also for the warm hospitality and the wonderful time we had at the farm. It was our first visit but, for sure, it won't be the last. Thanks also to Maxine and the boys for their great hospitality.

Al the best,

Eitan and Avi.

Gary Spencer (Nottingham)

Well, where do I start? This was my second to the farm for my MOT. Del, the stuff you have shown me and the routines I now do have made such a vast difference to my game. I feel that I can now hit the ball sweeter than ever.

Thank you so much, I now feel that I know my own game better than I ever did. You're a diamond!

Del, Max and the boys thanks so much for your warm and welcoming hospitality. It was absolutely second to none.

I'm sure there will be more visit s from me in the future. Thanks a million.


Mark Davis and family (Bexhill)

I've been coming to the farm for the last eight years or so, and Del always has something to show me that helps my game whether it is a technical tweak or some very good practise routines.

I've known Del ever since I started playing seriously and he has always been as helpful to my game as anyone. He always wants the players he has worked with to do as well as they possibly can, regardless of where they are ranked.

Del's coaching is excellent for players as he changes things without getting too technical and gives 100 per cent to every player he works with. That's why all the boys come to Del, because they know he'll be completely honest and if he needs to try to change things he'll keep it as simple as possible.

I'd like to say a big thanks to Del fort all his help and support over the years. We can't wait to come back.

Love from Mark and family.